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Floor Screed Service we provide

If you are interested in laying liquid floor screed as part of your underfloor heating project we will meet with you, review your project and advise you how best to proceed. We survey your project, provide a detailed costing of the works and set out a plan for implementation. We liaise with your main building contractor in advance and will advise you on preparatory works.On the day of the pour, we finalise floor levels in advance of pouring the liquid floor screed. We know the importance of having a level surface to complement whatever floor covering you’re intending on using whether it is tiles, timber, laminate, vinyl or carpet which prolongs the lifetime of your floor. Once levels are finalised the pour commences. Once the pour is completed floor surface can withstand light foot traffic within approximately 24 hours.
We can also provide the following additional services:
Supply and fitting of underfloor insulation
Supply and fitting of underfloor heating

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