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Energy Floor Screeds provide a Liquid Floor Screed which is perfect for floor levelling, and is most frequently use in Underfloor Heating Systems, suitable for both residential and commercial floors.
Our Floor Screed can be poured faster than traditional sand and cement screed, covering on average 750 meters to 1500 per day.
The Liquid Floor Screed arrives on site ready mixed and can be poured much faster the Concrete Screed can take light foot traffic in about 24 hours, Under-floor heating , can be turned on in about a week. 

Floor Screed Service

We laying  liquid floor screed. we will meet with you, review your project and advise you how best to proceed. We liaise with your main building contractor

Floor Screed Benefits

Environmentally friendly product, ideal for installation of underfloor heating systems.
Faster installation than sand cement

Floor Screed Advantage

minimal risk of cracking with very low shrinkage
our floor screed will take light pedestrian traffic within 24 hours
Specialists in Concrete Screed
We are based in Meath and can provide concrete screed solutions for both residential and large-scale commercial projects.Our work includes self-builds, one-off houses, apartments, extensions, housing developments, commercial and retail units.
Paul Harnan and Sean Cunningham have been involved in the building industry for over 25 years.
Why Choose Us For Your Screed Floor
Our concrete screed is mixed in modern computer controlled batching plants and are tested before delivery. This is re-checked by our screed team on site before pouring to guarantee consistency and a top quality of floor finish.

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